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It is our deepest sympathy to our Tata Rolihlahla Mandela’s family, the
nation, the human rights fraternity and all people that respect freedom,
ideals and the belief that Tata inspired so many activists in the world. We
thank you very much Tata Madiba Mandela for leaving us this legacy which we

will always treasure. We thank you  for instilling in all of us a culture of
respect for human rights in South Africa and beyond. Thank you for your
unwavering principles to humanity and for your aphorism, “Human Rights is
the light of South Africa’s Foreign Policy” and for challenging State’s
Territorial Sovereignty with the doctrine of responsibility to protect
citizens from crimes against humanity, genocide and massive violations of

human rights. Thank you for sharpening HURISA’s vision and commitment to
stand for human rights.

We Honour you and Salute you our Human Rights Hero Tata Madiba- From HURISA
Board and Staff

“The Human Rights Institute of South Africa was established in 1994 by the
Goldstone Commission of Inquiry and with the generous support of the
Government of Norway. That would not have been possible without the support
and encouragement of President Nelson Mandela, the father of our democracy.
I join with the Human Rights Institute of South Africa in paying tribute to
his memory and rejoicing in his life and example to our people and the whole
world. I join also in extending sincere condolences to the whole Mandela
family. “
~Retired judge Richard Goldstone~

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