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Sona SA

Dear His Excellency President Ramaphosa

Human Rights Institute of South Africa is honoured to address this letter to you for your kind consideration in your 2020 State of the Nation address on Thursday, 13, February 2020.

First and foremost, HURISA congratulate you Mr President on your inauguration as the Chairperson of the African Union. Indeed, this is a prestigious position which needs the country to rally behind you in ensuring achievement of the AU Agenda 2063 and complementary objectives during your tenor and to leave behind an insightful legacy that will take South Africa and the African Union to new high.

We also wish to express our admiration for the milestone South Africa achieved in becoming a Non-permanent Member at United Nations Security Council from 2019-2021 and for South Africa’s Chairship at the UN SCR for one month in October 2019. We acknowledge the positive steps taken in the favourable vote on the Third Committee Resolution on Human Right Defenders for implementation of the United Nations Declaration on HRDs and protection of policies and mechanisms. Also for co-sponsoring the NHRI Resolution for the first time after a long advocacy of support.

Having acknowledged the outstanding milestones and distinguished roles South Africa assumes at both AU & UN, it is disappointing that our human rights performance at home remains a worrying concern. It seems the snare of corruption has deepened across board . Mechanisms and efforts to fight corruption are noted, however they seem weak and ineffective as to-date nothing has been done to prosecute the suspects of the state capture, while we praise ourselves for embracing a human rights environment which upholds the rule of law. There is a concern that despite the outstanding professionalism and integrity displayed by the State Capture Inquiry adjudication team, prosecutions remain outstanding.

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