#Your Robust Voice # End Violence, Conflicts, Wars, Prevention of Genocide!
Africa Human Rights Day is observed annually in October to mark the entry into force of the African Charter on Human and People’s Rights (African Charter) adopted in June 1981. The African Charter entered into force on 21 October 1986 making it a legally binding human rights instrument to State Parties after ratification and enforceable at national level. This date was declared as the Africa Human Rights Day by the African Union (formerly Organisation of African Unity, OAU). As we observe this milestone achievement, the AU Theme for 2020 is Silencing the Guns. This is aligned to the AU Agenda 2063 to end wars, civil conflicts, gender based violence and prevention of genocide in the Continent.

It is also a year that marks the end of the African Women’s Decade from 2010-2020 on Grassroots Approach to Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment. We are reflecting on how the AU theme of silencing the guns has impacted on people’s lives at local level and if Africa Human Rights system is making progress in transforming the people of this continent from conflict to realisation of human dignity, peace, justice, accountability, equality from the grass roots. Guns have maimed, murdered, destroyed livelihoods of our people. How is Silencing of Guns, African Women Decade on Women will make meaning impact in ending wars, conflicts and prevent genocide when;

•DRC is going through a silent holocaust while the world watches!
•Nigeria, soldiers are shooting at peaceful protesters while the world watches!
•Cameroon, Anglophone Cameroonians are slain by the government security agents while the word watches!
•South Africa, there is disproportionate corruption, human trafficking, gender-based violence and femicide. Am I next? are you next?!!!!
•Zimbabwe, there is exacerbation of torture, forced disappearances, persecution of civil society activists, human rights defenders, journalist, corruption, irrational judiciary with impunity, while the world watches.

•Zambia is sliding towards authoritarianism, corruption, rising censorship, crackdown on free speech and oppositions of public activities. There is also excessive use of force in quelling any form of protest by the state security agents, while the world watches.
•Tanzania the disturbing pre-election violence, persecution of citizens, HRDs and journalists.
•Mozambique, the mysterious and faceless insurgency causing internal displacements, cruelty and homelessness in Cabo Delgado province in the northern Mozambique. While the world watches and the President of the country is the current Chairperson of the SADC.
African citizens, the tax payers contributing to economy of their countries are suffering in a bleeding continent, because of the senseless war crimes, crimes against humanity that can be described as genocide!

Justice for Africa! Enough is Enough!



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