Gender-based violence, rape and femicide of women, girls and infants has remained disproportionately and alarmingly high in Southern Africa and other part of the world, despite the lockdown regulations to prevent the spread of COVID19-pandemic. COVID 19 has […]
The duty of the state to promote and protect life is safeguarded in the African Charter on Human and People’s Right (Art 4 & 16 (2) of the African Charter). This right is enshrined as non derogable in […]
We received concerning reports of flagrant violation of the right to disseminate information to the public. Enforcement of measures to mitigation the spread of COVID19 pandemic has been used as a pretext to restrict journalists from exercising their […]
COVID19 has intensified enforcement of restrictive legislative frameworks for associations to operate in conducive environments for independent functioning without fear of reprisals, intimidation, harassment and arbitrary arrests. They face hostilities in playing roles in public awareness raising, particularly […]