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Police brutality towards a Mozambican national is cruel, inhumane, flagrant gross violations of human rights, which is typical to the apartheid regime where police impunity enjoyed tolerance. This brutally is inhuman, degrading and breached Constitutional rights. South Africa is a state party to UN Convention on Torture and is obliged to adhere to the African Charter on Human and People’ Rights and to resolutions calling the state to prosecute suspects of xenophobia and murder of non-nationals. The government is also obliged to pass legislation to hold perpetrators of torture accountable. The delay in passing this bill is caused by attempts to exempt police from liability and Parliament need to ensure passing of this law without further delay. In 2012 the African Commission Committee on Torture was here in South Africa commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the Robben Island Guidelines adopted in 2002 in Capetown to curb torture. HURISA is calling Minister Nathi Mthetwa and National Commissioner Riah Phiyega:

  • To condemn this rampant impunity and brutal murder to anyone in the country regardless of nationality, background or race.
  • To press charges against responsible culprits and dismiss all without any delay. Shame on them for bringing the name of the SAPS and image of the country into disrepute.

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