Rationale for everyone to wear a face-mask to reduce Coronavirus transmission

Face-masks are routinely used by healthcare workers to prevent the nosocomial spread of infections in hospitals. There has been considerable debate about the utility of widespread use of face-masks in the general public to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

1.There is good evidence to show that face-masks significantly reduce the spread of infectious droplets. A recent study involving 246 patients demonstrated that face-masks significantly reduced the detection of Ccoronavirus in the exhaled breath of Covid-19 patients. While 30% to 40% of 10 patients without masks had Coronavirus in their exhaled breath, none of the 11 Covid19 patients with masks had Coronavirus in their exhaled breath (refer to Table 1b below).

2.Through lowered amounts of exhaled Coronavirus, wearing a mask should reduce the spread of virus from individuals with the virus. The masks also reduced exhaled Influenza virus, though to a lesser extent.

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