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HURISA has just launched an online forum page on our site

We will be using this platform to raise contemporary human rights issues affecting South Africa at domestic, region as well as global level. HURISA Forum online is created as a strategy for knowledge sharing to equip the public with human rights dispensation. We believe this will contribute positively to efforts aimed at building human rights culture, where better approaches are identified to deal with multifaceted challenges facing our society. Added value for   strengthened accountability across board to deepen understanding of human dignity, equality and freedom will be complementary . We therefore encourage you to log on, engage and share your views in diverse conversations. Topical issues will be lined up for your dialogue and suggestions for new  topics will is encouraged and welcome.

The first topic we have raised is: Violence against women and children– 

What causes the scourge that has made us to be

women and children suffer very high levels of sexual assault, rape and domestic violence. Violence against women and children poses a threat to their human rights. Log on and subscribe to this topic and share you view.

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